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Introducing the Rueda Veloz Exclusive Membership Program.

Become a part of our elite community of passionate cyclists and enjoy exclusive benefits by joining the Rueda Veloz Membership Program. Our unique, performance-driven program is designed to reward your dedication to cycling while providing you with attractive discounts and exclusive access to events and new products.

In the world of cycling, our community upholds the mantra of "¡Hasta la vista!"


Connect your Strava account to Rueda Veloz and unlock a world of exciting rewards!

Earn points towards fantastic gifts, enjoy generous discounts, and access exclusive special offers.

Start now and maximize your cycling experience with Rueda Veloz.

Here's what you can expect as a Rueda Veloz Member:

1. Tiered Membership: Our program offers three membership tiers, each with its own unique set of benefits. Start as an entry-level member by joining during our special events, or gain access to higher tiers through referrals and exceptional performance in our Strava challenges.

2. Exclusive Discounts: Members enjoy tier-based discounts on all Rueda Veloz products, with savings ranging from 15% to an incredible 30% off. The more you achieve, the greater your rewards.

3. Strava Partnership: We've teamed up with Strava to bring you custom challenges that encourage physical activity, performance, and camaraderie among our members. Complete challenges like cycling a certain number of kilometers within a specified time frame to unlock exclusive rewards.

4. Performance Rewards: As a top-performing member, you'll have the chance to earn even deeper discounts or free products as a token of our appreciation for your dedication to the Rueda Veloz brand.

5. Members-Only Events: Join our exclusive community for access to members-only events, including group rides, product launches, and workshops. You'll also enjoy early access to new product releases and limited-edition collections.

6. Referral Incentives: Help grow our membership base while maintaining its exclusivity by referring friends and family to the Rueda Veloz Membership Program. You'll receive bonus discounts, exclusive merchandise, or access to special events as a thank you for your referrals.

7. Personalized Communication: Stay connected with personalized emails and notifications that celebrate your achievements, keep you informed of upcoming challenges, and provide you with exclusive offers tailored just for you.

Join the Rueda Veloz Membership Program today and experience the benefits of being a part of our elite cycling community. Embrace the exhilaration of cycling and the spirit of friendly competition, all while enjoying exclusive rewards and access to the best in cycling wear. Sign up now and start your journey towards cycling excellence with Rueda Veloz.

Sign up now for pre-access to the RV community and hit the road with fellow enthusiasts!


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